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Our Store

Our Store
  • A small view of other items we carry such as wooden crafts, metal stars, and other yard ornament decorations.

Barn / Shed Moving

Barn / Shed Moving
  • If you are moving, or purchased a barn/shed from a friend, you can take it with you! Call us for details!

12" Gazing Globes

12 Gazing Globes
  • We have a variety of colors of our 12" Gazing Globes.

Geese Decoys

Geese Decoys
  • We have a few different styles of our geese decoys. A great addition to your yard or pond.

Eagle - "King of the Sky"

Eagle - King of the Sky
  • Eagle is approximately 18" tall.

Eagle - "American Pride"

Eagle - American Pride
  • Eagle is approximately 18" tall.

Black Panther - "Ebony"

Black Panther - Ebony
  • Panther is approximately 22" tall.

White Tiger - "Ishtar"

White Tiger - Ishtar
  • White tiger is approximately 21" tall.

Turtle - "Goliath"

Turtle - Goliath
  • Turtle is approximately 20" wide x 31" long x 14" tall.

Bear - "Walking Tall"

Bear - Walking Tall
  • Bear is approximately 42" tall.
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