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Storage Sheds

Traditional Barn Style

Traditional Barn Style
  • Choice of 4' or 6' sidewalls.
  • This style offers additional overhead space.
  • Our most popular model.

The Chalet Style

The Chalet Style
  • Includes: Window, 1"x4" Trim and Shutters.
  • 6'6" front wall - 5'6" back wall.
  • Built with 6" x (Length of Building) Soffit Venting
  • Double top plate on front wall.
  • For the contemporary minded.

The Classic Style

The Classic Style
  • 7' Sidewalls
  • Widened top plates for extra overhang.
  • Classic Hip style roof.
  • Double top plates on all four walls.
  • The aristocrat of all designs.

The Ultimate Style

The Ultimate Style
  • Never needs paint or stain, yes NEVER!!!
  • Quality double dutch 4.5" vinyl siding. (Choice of white, almond, or gray.)
  • Two door options (polyethylene swing doors or 5'x6' steel roll door).
  • Standard 7' Sidewalls.
  • All other construction features are identicial to our standard wood buildings.
  • Ready to use immediately, with NO EXTRA time or cost.

The Large Buildings

The Large Buildings
  • 16'x20' through 30'x60'
  • Many used as cabins.
  • Pole/Post & Beam foundations available.
  • Built only. (Ask for information).

Kits Available

  • Shingles, nails, & hardware included.
  • Lumber is 80%-90% pre-cut
  • Doors are pre-built
  • Load list, simle drawings
  • Detailed VHS tape instructions.
  • Hand Stacked on driveway or in garage.

Options Available

  • Ventilation
  • Lofts and Shelves
  • Ramps
  • Windows
  • Taller Sidewalls
  • Pressure Treated Floors
  • Wider Super Doors

Standard Features

Wall Framing2" x 4" 16" O.C. with 2" x 8" top plates.
(double top plates on all 12' wide buildings.)
Siding5/8" Premium grade T1-11 ALL WOOD siding
Doors2" x 6" and 2" x 8" trim secured with galvanized screws.
Patented Leading Edge Door (sheds water, helps prevent rot and decay). "Super Door" (over 200 screws). 5' Standard Door size.
Roof2" x 4" 16" O.C. secured with screwed plywood gussets and 1/2" plywood decking.
Floor2" x 4" joist 12" O.C. with 3/4" plywood decking.
4" x 4" treated skids: (2 on 8' wide buildings, 3 on 10' wide buildings, 4 on 12' wide buildings).
HardwareExtra Secured 5-POINT Latching System on our Super Doors.
Chrome (keyed) T-Handle, 2-Spring latches, 2 4" Hook & Eyes.
Hinges6' Super heavy gauge piano hinge (screwed to frame).
Shingles25 year fiberglass premium grade.
(Choice of white, black, dark brown, medium brown, or weathered gray.)
Warranty2-5 years on buildings and workmanship
(kits - 30 day warranty on materials only)

2 Year Warranty

Our 2 year warranty covers materials and workmanship not up to our standards as seen in comparison with our models on display at dealers or shows. Because we use building materials and methods that insure a quality product for you, we have and will go to great measure to assure your satisfaction. With normal maintenance, your building will easily last a lifetime. In order to achieve this, you must paint, caulk, and keep vegetation from growing around the edges of the building which would cut off ventilation.

Storage Buildings Unlimited, Inc., cannot be held responsible for acts of God, or abuse through neglect or vandalism. We also reserve the right to replace or repair any part of the building not up to our standards. The 2 year warranty is valid with a copy of your invoice.

Moving Service

Moving Service
We can move your existing barn or shed! Call us for details!

Rent to Own

Rent to Own
We have Rent to Own service on our storage sheds and barns! Call for more details!
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